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to skimmer or not to skimmer


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I have it. Skims like a champ in my opinion on my 46 bow 10g sump. Or I should say "skimmed" because the pump now fails at random intervals during skimming. For $25 though I would buy it again. Never had a pump failure issue until about a year after ownership. If you can use it for a day before you buy it and see if it's cheap because the pump fails!


1-2 weeks skim (if i remember correctly), low bioload (2 fish, every other day feeding)


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Update: Your thread inspired me to really investigate the issue with my pump. It appears that the pinwheel that holds the mesh to create the bubbles had cracked and was becoming dislodged. I believe this was causing the pump failure. I superglued the pinwheel back so it won't budge. It is currently working, but I will update if something changes!

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