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Got a Barrel now what?


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I finally found a barrel for my water that had Queen Olives in it. It is black. Now how do I clean it out? I rinsed it with tap water. Do I need to fill it all the way up and put vinegar in it? If so how much and for how long? I bought a bulkhead and spigot, and I will half to drill a hole in it.

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how big of a barrel is it? why do you want to run water and vinegar through it? is there residual smell left in the barrel?


filling it up with tap water and emptying a bottle or 2 of vinegar and run a power head through it for a day might help the smell.

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The ones I got had Panda Oyster Sauce in them. I took a gallon of bleach and poured it amongst the 4 barrels, rinsed that out real well, then poured a whole bottle of Dawn Ultra Concentrated in them. I then rinsed those out real well at the car wash, took them home, rinsed them again with my hose, and then let them air out. They now have no smell, and I am mixing my ro/di water in them tonight!!

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