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Best way to trim GSP


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My GSP is beginning to overgrow one side of my tank so I want to trim it a bit. I tried briefly today with no success because I didnt want to damage the coral. It did not peel nearly as easily as I had imagined. Does anyone have any tips in removing some of it??

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The pic above is actually not far from the answer.


You can take a razor blade and cut just under the mat. Most often LR is soft and you can literally cut right through the top portion of the rock.


You can also look for lips where it grows off the rock and try and gently peel it off. Sometimes you get lucky and a nice large piece comes off. But if it breaks up or it's grown too much into the rock - the razor blade works.

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if you can get an edge up you can very slow and gently peel it off your rock. Just did it yesterday for the first time and i was getting rather large piece of matting. some places were harder than others of course but just gotta be slow and easy on it.

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