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My tank has been cycling for about 4 weeks now, my water test have all came back great so far - I went to my LFS (not very local, 45 mins away) and was told to go ahead and get my clean up crew put together. They are as followed

4 - Nassirus Snails

4 - turbo Grazer snails

4 - Astrea Snails

4 - Blue legged Hermits

1 - Lawmower Blenny


(This is what he told me to get) Do I need anything else??


Also, I have a Biocube 29 if helps any...


SNAIL POO - They have been in the tank for two days now and I have noticed a rather large amount of Snail Poo . I was wondering if that is alright or if I should get rid of it. I have read that it should be left alone because it is the natural way to deal with it and the smaller parts will be filtered out.


And lastly, My live rock had quite a bit of growth on it until it was mowed down by my Crew. But now my rocks have a bleached color to them, here and there anyways - I am running 10 - 12 hours of light a day... Will everything grow back quickly ??


Any help would be great!

ALSO, completly off subject, but would I be able to add more sand if I wanted to even though my tank has been cycling for 4 1/2 weeks??


Almost forgot, with them eating stuff so fast - should I be worried about them not having enough to eat...There is quite a bit of algae or whatever still growing on the rocks, glass and crushed coral...

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