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Another Fluval Edge Pico Reef


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Started a Fluval Edge Nano 1

Initially 1/15/2011

5 ibs cured love rock from Fiji

1 Chrysptera cyanea

Used stock halogen until LED arrived

Fish died in 13 days

Salinity 1.025

Ammonia 0.00

Funny how my water has more ammonia than the tank 1.0 ppm

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Just came back from playa del carmen,

Collected broken dried coral and old live rock from rocky beach edge and placed in the tank.

Received full LED modification

MR11 12 v LED 6500K x2 Amazon.com

True Lumen LED moonlights 12000K X2 Current USA


Added 1 Dasyllus arunanus

1 Lysmata wurdemani

about 12 Clibanarius tricolor came with the live rock (total ship time 7 hours)

2 small sand colored crabs

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Here we go.

Going to fix the LED to the hood today, I can always add more white LED or blue.

Was view the youtube channel, some crazy setups. But at only 10 inches deep seems like overkill.


Cheato macro algae in the corner.

Would like to add corals soon but will wait for ammonia to be zero.

Bought purified water to mix with sea salt, my tap water sucks.


Sgravity 1.023

pH 8.0

Ammonia 0.25 ppm

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 10 ppm








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