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Best skimmer for 34 gallon Solana


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those are the only ones that would fit the stock look.


You can also venture into the HOB's like the deltec mce300, or the warner marine h1.


They are WAY better IMO.

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I forgot to mention that the Tunze needed a slight modification.. You cut the magnet off the side and then glue it to the back. Use the search function to find instructions/pictures.

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If you can deal with a HOB, go for a AquaMaxx or a discontinued WM H1. I have the H1 and it is a beast. It is much better than my previous Sapphire skimmer. The major problem I had with the sapphire skimmer is the rigid meshwheel was pretty frail and would break apart. The area for skimming is also much smaller than on the H1. As a result I never got anything that I would say smelled FOUL out of a sapphire skimmer, but my H1 pulls a nasty coffee colored collection cups worth out every week. The AquaMaxx is pretty much the same as the H1, but is still in production.

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