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Par38 Bulb for 7.5g Bowfront Mr. Aqua


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Hey guys,

I recently began thinking about coming back to the SW hobby; I had a 125g up until a few years back and am now thinking about a nano.


So I'm looking at the 7.5g Mr. Aqua bowfront which is 18" long? 18.1 x 9.4 x 10.2 Inch specifically.


Would one par38 bulb be adequate lighting? I was reading those are best for 12" length tanks? But it was in reference to 28g JBJs so was wondering how it'll do with the 7.5g.


Specifically, I was considering the 7LED par38 bulb from rapidled but I'm open to any suggestions.


In terms of corals, I would like to keep SPS along with softies and LPS.


Color-wise, I really liked 20k bulbs with actinic supp MH/VHO bulbs with the 125g, so I like the blue.


Thanks for your help

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