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is this suitable for a 4gal nano?


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hi, i have just set up a new tank about a week ago and at the moment i have a clip on led light (ocean white 9000k)


The guy at the lfs, who did seem very knowledgeable said that i can get some blue led strips to enhance the colour and run it with this led light. Problem is i have no more spare power sockets and would rather just have one for a light. Im thinking about using a par30 led bulb from ledpacific. Will this be ok? I would also use a clamp at the back of the tank aswell (link below also) Thanks


Bulb: http://www.ledpacific.com/products/Aqua-Bl...w-LED-Bulb.html


Clamp: http://www.ledpacific.com/products/Clamp-L...r-LED-Bulb.html


Tank details: 15litre/3.3gal uk/4 gal US



Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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