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Show me your hood wiring!


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I created a DIY switch box to house all my ballasts remotley from my hood, the hood is a custom made (by me) wood hood for a 36 bow front. I cant decide if I should terminate the wires inside the hood, so that the cords disconnect at the hood or terminate them at the control box, cords come from the back of the hood and plug into theire respective ballasts under the tank...


I want to see what everyone else has going if at all possible!!

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I've done both, and I can tell you that IF you terminate them outside the hood with a long power chord, it becomes a serious pita to move the lighthood when needed (those wires add up in weight).


I would suggest spending the extra cash, and get some waterproof power cord connectors. Then wire a SHORT cable out of the lighthood, and a long cable with enough cable to do a drip loop going to/from the ballasts.


Also, make sure that the long side of the waterproof adapters are wire into the hood, so that IF (god forbid) water runs down the power cord, it doesn't run over the plug edge.


The only thing you'll want to look for, is waterproof plugs that have unusual plug shapes (like highcurrent/amperage plugs, so that you cannot stick them in the wrong plug).


Last but not least, IF you plan to unplug the lights, MAKE SURE you have them turned off, otherwise unplugging a cord between the ballast and lightbulb can cause an arc, which can kill you (esp. if you've got MH on your lighthood), more then likely destroy your bulbs/ballast.


Hope that helps.



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