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HELP! Bio 14 Lighting Upgrade?


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I need some help deciding which path to take for upgrading my 14gal Bio Cube lighting. Im in the process of building a custom hood to match my stand and get rid of the unsightly "Black Dome" that comes stock. I will also be upgrading the lighting at the same time. Here are the ideas I have. But would love some input. I already did a retro upgrade and added a 12w Ecoxotic 8K/453nm LED strip to the hood (really made a difference!). So Have been thinking of staying wtih the LED's and just adding maybe 2 more of the strips. Or going with 2 Par 130 LED pendants. The other option I was thinking was doing a 150w MH pendant, Hamilton has one I really like. I have Mainly Softies and LPS now and a couple of Monti's. But would love to do some higher SPS. But Im worried the LED wont be enough or 150w MH might be over kill on 14gal. Any advice would be great!!!

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I would go with the HL my buddy just got one for his BC 14 from FISHNEEDIT.com they are a small company but there product is amazing and it's a fraction of the cost compared to other HL's. I think hamilton makes the ballast's for them. Also when you take that hood off your tank you get much better temp. control that's what I would go with :)

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