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Zooanthid Eating Pods


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ok...so Ive got ALOT of pods.


Im sure theyre eating my zoanthids, theyre crawling all over it. Ive given up on the Zoanthids, theres just not much I can do at this point but...


1. do these pods specialize in zoas? as in if i take the zoas out will they die off?


2. will these pods threaten other corals I have? (torches, frogspawn, xenia, GSP and blastos) anything other than zoas they will eat?


3. i know feeding less will help get rid of them but i worry mostly about my sally lightfoot, if he doesnt get enough to eat he starts jumping at fish and shrimps. any other ways to hep get rid of them?


4. will a dragonet eat these kinds of pods...i mean theyre all over the place. do you think thats a viable option? any other fish that arent so fragile that might help?


thanks guys

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If they're truly pods, your zoas are likely dying already because the pods like dead/decaying matter. If it's not pods and is something like zoa eating nudis or some other pests, dip your corals in some cleaner like ReVive or Coral RX.

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I would dip. I had the same problem and found out my colony of zoa just wasn't 100% healthy. Also, I had this eunicid worm that was eating chunks of the zoanthids and not helping in the healing process. Take it out dip it, and remove any dying polyps.

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ok, photos not great but its the best i could do. the pods are tiny. some of the zoa heads are definitely already dead but there are a few (mostly on the back) that arent yet. there are also at least a few different kinds of creatures, some of them are larger than the ones shown in the photo but the ones shown are the common ones (that I can see all over my tank)


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Everyone says "only eat sick/dying polyps etc..."


but I have seen them eat my sh1t too. They seem to get to such large numbers that they have no available food source and start eating other things.


Can you post a better picture of just one pod that you can confirm was eating a polyp?

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I relocated all of my softies except richordia to another tank. I am plauged with these in my 75g. I have big ones like this, but are black and ignore all coral. These whiter stripped ones eat healthy polyps.



after I removed my zoa/paly they began eating the mat of my blue sympodium.




good luck.


edit -- trying less feeding idea myself. I used to feed 4x per week. For past 3 weeks I'm feeding 1x per week. So ask me in a month if the feeding less thing is working.

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ok so I did a dip in ReVive, it was kind of entertaining to watch the explosion of little critters...then it was a little sad to watch them spasm for 20 minutes in what is essentially a vat of acid...




here is a nice picture of the pods that were all over my zoa, I cant say for sure theyre eating it, but they are all over it and these three in the picture are a good representation of what i see in my tank


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