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moorin's 20g high newb reef


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first post on here after spending at least 2 hours a day stalking about on this forum gaining some knowledge (which seems to be plentiful). i have just started reefkeeping after keeping a tropical planted tank for just over 2 years. wish i had started with marine first but i didnt want to risk coming into the hobby and not knowing about the nitrogen cycle, testing parameters, sorting problems etc.


i wanted to start small and then work my way upto a bigger tank if i liked keeping a marine tank. i know a small problem in a big tank is a big problem in a small tank but im very keen and like my planted tank is always on top of everything and has plenty of patience (joke) but seriously im starting to grow some with this side of the hobby then the freshwater side.


bought the tank, stand, skimmer and pc light with l.e.d. combo off ebay for just over £100, had been looking alot longer but thought at least i can add my own flavour to the tank since i could still upgrade etc.




20g high aquaone tank (i think from the round corners and top detail)

v2 600 skimmer (should be big enough for a 20g)

24w PC light with built in leds 70W 14k metal halide with d.i.y stand

fluval 205 external filter

1200 lph powerhead


had the tank setup and cycling since 19/12/2010 but only just got the clownfish a month back and only just the got the coral the other day which has really opened up since adding the metal halide


anyways here are the pictures:







just need a CUC now so will keep posting on here when i can. (the light stand isnt that dirty just the crappy iphone pictures)


thanks for looking.

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Thanks! I know it isn't much at the moment and I think that's why no one is commenting, going to hopefully get a toadstool and maybe a snail and hermit crab/ cleaner shrimp today

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