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Garrett's Fluval Edge


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FTS 2/20/11




Background: My first saltwater tank was a Picotope. By the time I broke it down I had an AC50 on the back and a Coralife 36w dual 50/50 fixture on top and wanted something with a simpler "feng shui" look. So I set up an ADA 30-C with the Subcurrent internal skimmer and a custom LED fixture, I loved it. Then, one day, I was going to do some cleaning and the glass lid slipped out of my hand, cracked the tank, and water went gushing onto our brand new hard wood floor. I was thankfully able to save everything and the floor was fine, but I wasn't about to run that risk again. When I saw the Edge I fell in love with the rimless look and hidden components. After some research, I decided to give it a go.




-Fluval Edge heater.

-Painted background.

-Cured LR.

-Caribsea Bahamas Oolite.

-Stock sponge & Chemipure Elite.

-Vortech MP10




-Doni's Reef Grade A Picasso

-Blue Coral Banded Shrimp

-Electric Blue Knuckle Crab

-Blue Neon Goby


In The Mail


-NanoTuners 3.6 LED Fixture


YouTube Videos

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please let me know how your nanotuner fixture works out for you! i'm interested of going the same route


Believe me, I will. I'm so anxious to get it; the yellow light is starting to piss me off.


FTS 2/4/11



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Just received my Blue Coral Banded Shrimp from BlueZooAquatics.com. This guy is awesome, he's acclimating now.


He got caught at the Tennessee FedEx facility because of the storm and I was afraid he had passed when I opened the bag. I couldn't tell if he was moving or just drifting around as I moved the bag, so I started acclimating him and he's coming around. So stoked...


Edit - pics removed...they make me sad...

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wow he's awsome looking! how big is he (or she)?


I'm afraid he passed about two hours after adding him to my tank. I think he was just too far gone from the delayed shipping and weather; the water was freezing when he arrived. But he was about 1.5 inches long from the tip of his tail to the tip of his claws.


I'm hoping they will be able to find me another.

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Just received my Vortech MP10, I'm very pleased. I was worried about it being too large for the tank, but I don't think it is at all. Here's a photo for size reference-




I was also worried it would be too powerful, but it can be dialed down to a very gently flow that doesn't disturb my Bahamas Oolite at all.


And here's a shot of my Blue Neon and Picasso.



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