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light CUC opinion


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I have a 5.5 recently setup and a 75g.


I'm finally starting to get some algae in the 5.5g. I intend to only feed the tank monthly, biweekly or even weekly at most.


No fish.


My thinking on what to transfer as far as CUC from the 75g---


5-10 dwarf cerths

1 nerite or astrea

1 big blue leg hermit


sound like a good starting amount or would y'all suggest less?

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I'd just move the snails over. If you're almost never gonna feed that tank, that blue leg will eventually start going after the snails after he's gone through all the microfauna he can.

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I am convinced that there's almost no such thing as too many CUC (within reason).


I'd have to agree with this.. many people seem overly concerned with getting a precise number for CuC.. load it up until it looks like they're getting the job done enough to keep you happy. If you get too many, they'll die off until a balance is reached.


Make sure you get something to keep your SB clean, also.


Also, with no fish, what are you planning to feed? With the obligatory follow-up of: what coral\LS do you plan to keep?

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