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water problems


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i have an aquapod that has been up for two years with basic filtration with no problems. a week ago my whole clean up crew died. turns out my salinty was off the chart. dont know how it happen but i have gotten back down where it should so i can get a new cuc. have major alage problems hair and alot of red slime. i cant get rid of it. i dosed with that red slime remover powder stuff 3 times in 72hr intervals. it put a dent in it but it came right out. water is fine except my nitrates are just over none and having problems keeping the ph/alkalinity up. other than that no phosphates or anything. i just added a bad of chemipure too. how can i get rid of this stuff along with water changes or is it just take patience. thank everyone

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Patience. Also try increasing your flow and reducing your photoperiod. Once everything is stable try adding back more snails.


Try to use only quality water (no tap) and keep up on the water changes.


Before water changes manually remove whatever you can, then use a toothbrush or something to scrub it off the rocks and then siphon out the water and replace with new.


doing this over time should rid you of your problem algae.

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ok ill try scrubbing while sucking it all up when im taking water out. my tank looks so ugly right now and the sand bed is horrible. its depressing. thanks for the fast reply

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