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Is it normal for my Fire Shrimp to keep trying to stand on my Frogspawn?


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Is it normal for my Fire Shrimp to keep trying to stand on my Frogspawn? Every time I look at my tank, my shrimp is trying to mount my frogspawn. I understand somewhat why he does it when I feed the tank, but even 5 hours after feeding, he's still trying to summit my frogspawn.


I just don't want either of them to get hurt in the process. Should I do something?

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Completely unnormal for both the shrimp and the frogspawn.

Send them both to me, and Ill set them straight.


You dont want that goin on in your tank . . .

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I was just trying to veryify that the frogspawn wouldn't kill him; I've heard of anemones killing cleaner shrimp before. Vice versa, I wanted to make sure the shrimp wouldn't irritate the frogspawn too much.

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CoralWhisperer...my fire shrimp and frogspawn have the same realationship. Therefore, I think once you receive them in the mail, simply forward them both to me so my pair can have some mates.

Thank you both for my new additions.


By the way, mine actually do the exact same thing, because my frogspawn is pretty high in the tank. My shrimp actually will crawl up on my hand right OUT of the water. He NEEDS a 12 step program or some Zoloft.

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