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Cultivated Reef

What kind of stuff can I keep with the NC 104w CF hood?


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I just added the 104w CF NC hood to my NC 24gallon to try and fight this algae battle but its not working. I eventually want to switch to LED but now I am debating on whether maybe I should just replace the bulbs to keep me going for another 6 months. What kind of corals can I keep with this 104w? As of now my lobo loco coral, rics and candy cane coral arent taking well to the change from the 36w 26 gallon hood to this one but it may be slightly due to this algae outbreak.

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I don't know about the lights, but reduce the amount time light that you have on your tank, do a 25% water change weekly and feed just what your fish can eat, thats how Im getting rid offf my algae problems, its been month and a half and algae is 75% gone

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