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Looks like a speckled slug?


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Ok. I read the whole "Master ID thread". I also browsed the various "normal" threads. No luck.


I will get a photo next time I see one.


Anybody want to venture a guess as to what I am describing...my first impression is nudibranch....but these guys are sleek, not frilly at all.


1. Looks like a speckled slug. Very slender.

2. Has 2 pronounced "feelers" or "eyes". Sort of like a garden snail.

3. Totally white underbelly but back is mottled/speckled fairly dark.

4. Not hard at all. Not a stomatella.

5. Curls up like a slug when sucked into a turkey baster.

6. Maybe a quarter inch long.

7. I find 1 or 2 each day or two. Always on the glass. So they are not something that is super rare.....I assume they came from a frag of hammer that I dipped in Lugol's solution for a long time before I added it to the tank.... So either a ton survived the dip, or they breed easily in my tank.

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It kind of sounds like it could also be a flatworm of some sort?


The guy who I bought the coral from said he had tons of flatworms. And I thought I saw some classic looking super flat/brown flatworms being killed off from the Lugol dip. So that is why I was surprised when these totally different looking guys showed up. Maybe the guy had 2 different types of flatworms and only one was killed by the dip..... I will check out the website you linked to.


Either way.....I have some Flatworm Exit on order...so we will see if they come out of the cracks when I treat with that stuff. If they die like a flatworm then they probably are one....

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After reading about 50 pages of that site....I think I found some confirmation that it is at least a flatworm.....the guy at the following link looks a lot like mine with the exception that mine look a lot more speckled/colored up.



It belongs to the family Euryleptidae.



Aha! This is getting closer...



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