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Shinchan's 8G Biocube Workplace Distraction Unit™


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Well, after years of thinking, plotting, planning, scheming, begging and pondering here is my first SW tank. Destructive criticism welcome...


BioCube 8 (used from Craigslist)

Stock bulbs

All false floors knocked out of chambers

Stealth 50W heater in chamber 1

Wall between chamber 1 and 2 trimmed

Filter floss in chamber 2 (for the next few days)

Hydor Pico Evolution 1200 pump

Hydor Flo


Between 8-15lbs of FREE Fiji live rock (I really have no idea how much is in there)

If you've seen my other thread this rock was rescued after sitting in buckets with no water outdoors in freezing temps for 24 hours. It's been recuring in a tub for 3 weeks, parameters all looked good so I picked out some of the smaller examples and brought them in. I still have another 50+ lbs at home continuing to cook.


Future plans:

Live sand from LFS (in-tank cured sand, not bagged sand)

In-Tank media rack/fuge with chaeto, purigen and chemipure

DIY fuge light (back is already scraped)

Typical CUC

Zoas, zoas and more zoas


Pics are from my blackberry, sorry for the quality


p.s. Don't be hatin' on my thermometer, I'm getting my heater dialed in. Besides, I'll take an old-school analog thermometer over one of those POS $8 digital thermometers any day! :P



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Current params:

79 degrees

0ppm NH3

0ppm NO2

5ppm NO3

pH 8.4


getting "in tank" live sand this weekend, we'll see where it goes from there...

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On my desk at work, computer workstation in the center, BC8 on the left, 5.5gal freshwater Brevis (freshwater shell-dwelling cichlid) tank on the right...


and a very understanding boss somewhere in the building

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