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MAybe a stupid question, IDK!


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So i have my bc14 tank and i love it and i was originally just going to make a reef, however i really like the look of planted takes as well, and i love there ability to eat nitrates.


My question is, Is it a good idea to have macro algaes in the display tank with coral? I dont know if the macro would harm the coral or the coral would harm the macro!!


HAs anyone successfully done this?


is the done commonly??




thank you!

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im not an expert on this but i think neither of them are gonna harm each other. i have a red macro of some sort and it's growing healthily along with the corals

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mixing macros is fine.. some macro like caulerpa can over grow a tank quickly and go sexual (release its green interior goo all over the place)


as long as you stay away from the caulerpa varieties you should be fine :)

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Ok cool!! thanks, I didn't see any problems wIth it through research but i really didn't wanna start doing it only to find out they kill eachother!! Lol

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