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BioCube 29 fish keeper.


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So my wife just called (4 pm) to tell me they could not find our clown "Max" but that his friend "Ruby"-a fire fish- was out and about and looked lonely. She opened up the back of the tank and he was apparently sitting/surfing on top of the filter floss sitting over my refugium mod, thankfully water flow was sufficient to keep him wet and he is back in the tank (who knows how he is doing... we will see). ANhow, Under the BC resource guide I see only 1 mod for a fish keeper which is fine for what it is but does not keep the fish from going over the false back, just suspends them on top of a mesh and presumably they would eventually flop back in, but maybe not...


Any ideas for a mod that would seal (not to air...) the tank up so they bounce back into the main tank and cannot even get to the rear? I am thinking of using some of the white light diffuser grid that I have laying around, you know the white plastic grid in all the fluorescent lights at your office... that.


I can see how this would work, but perhaps there is a better way... especially considering that were the firefish to jump and hit that grid at the right angle he would just go through the hole...


Please redirect to posts, search function here could be improved as it dumps way too many non-specific hits when you search for BC29 fish keeper... so no luck wading through that pile.




Although I did briefly consider getting him a little surf board I think he will do better to just stay in the water full time..

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Order placed.... and while I was there, I added an AquaticLife 115 skimmer... it needed to be done! Sweet- now I can simply place this order under the "we don't want Max" jumping ship again and this other thingy will help keep him happy! Win


Now I hope he has learned his lesson and stays put for the next few days whilst the keeper/skimmer combo (err yeah, that's what it is...) gets here. I think I will put a little snorkel back there for him. Too bad he didn't make it into the cheato- he/she would have loved that part.


Nice little place for moding BC and other nanos. Very kind of you to direct me to that site.

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SO, after spending a day surfing the filter floss the Clown is eating like a pig. He is however battle scarred. His tail obviously either was severly beaten up (trying to flip around) or dried out a bit as its now thread worn, pale and falling apart. I am not too worried as the rest of him is doing just fine and I am pretty sure that I know that the tail fins will regrow with time. Is there anything I should do about this? No fungus, spots, just took a beating and kept on ticking (I guess he is a Timex).

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They are pretty tough. I wouldn't worry about it the tail will regenerate in a few weeks. If you are concerned and it is eating you could buy some Food treated with some broad spectrum antibiotic just to be safe. If it was me I wouldn't do anything.

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