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15000k leds?


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I used the forum to help me build a led fixture about a year and a half ago and some of the buckpucks started pooping out so I started looking back into leds this morning. I happend to notice 15000k leds are available on ebay now. Only advertised as 180 LPM, but wondered if anyone has seen the color output from them.


1500k leds

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If you start reading through some of the threads on LEDs that have been active over the last six months, you will notice that there is a movement towards warmer color temperature whites, not higher. The higher the color temperature white, the more washed out the colors will be, specifically in the red and orange range. Warmer white LEDs (we are using primarily 4100-4500K neutral whites) will offer better color rendering over a broader spectrum.

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Alright, cool. I hadn't been on the board or followed leds over the past year. Back when I made mine people were complaining about the low temp of the q5 which is why I asked about the 15k.

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You can order 15-20K LEDs (10 watt and up) at SatisLed.com, and I actually do have two on the way just for fun, but they will be used over a planted tank, and in low amounts. The tank will be lighted mostly by cool white XPG.


The 15K "cold white" LEDs will basically just be used for dawn/dusk effects.


I will be sending these to Wilmington to have their spectrum analyzed just to see what they put out, by the way.

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