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Nano cube 28 repair


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Ok so this is what happened. As I was opening the hood, I propped one side and when I went to do the other, the hood fell. It essentially created a moment along the plastic crossmember that the hinges attach to. It broke right where the crossmember meets the rim.


The crossmember is just free floating, only attached to the tank on opposite sides where it connects to the rim. I consider it a design flaw. It could have been made from stronger, better materials, or the rim and the false wall could have been made from one piece.


My fix was to bond the crossmember to the false wall in as many points of contact as I could. After that I bonded the break back to one piece. I ran a bead of a type of plastic "glue" that is mostly a strong solvent. Let it set up over night, with plenty of weight applied, then i fixed the visible crack.


The glue is all at the top of the tank, above the water level. I cant recommend anyone doing this to a tank that is up and running but to anyone to purchases a new one I would consider it.










It's not pretty, but it works. It's certainly stronger than when I bought it. I might clean it up later, but for now it's not bothering me to much, it's not something that most people will notice.

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