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How in the World do Copepods & Amphipods Migrate from Refugium to Main Tank


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I have a 3 tank setup: (1) the main tank, a 28-gallon reef aquarium; (2) a side tank, a 12-gallon, dedicated refugium, where I will grow Copepods & Amphipods and also grow Chaeto. Here's the water-flow plan: (a) water exiting the 28-gallon reef tank overflows past a Calfo/Coast-to-Coast Overflow Box...down the drainline through the bulkhead holes...into the sump below; (B) water exiting the 12-gallon, dedicated refugium flows down to the same sump, through its separate, similar plumbing; © in the sump below, water from both tanks mix in a beneficial exchange, after which the mixed water is pumped back up to the tanks above, through a single pump and a "tee'd" plumbing line.


So here's the question: If I seek to export copepods and amphipods from my dedicated refugium to my main tank, via the sump below, how in the world do the copepods & amphipods accomplish such a migration without being chewed up by the protein skimmer or the return pump?


I read one post, where the aquarist plumbed the drain line of his dedicated refugium to a location in the sump situated beyond the protein skimmer, such that it would allow the copepods and amphipods traveling in the draining water to bypass the protein skimmer. His theory was that it would be better if the copepods and amphipods did not have to survive going through a protein skimmer. But then, that got me thinking, do I really want to avoid skimming ANY water from the refugium? That can't be right.


So will my copepods and amphipods naturally migrate to the main tank, via the sump, surviving the return pump and/or the skimmer?


Your wisdom is needed.


Thank you.

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Mr. Microscope

I imagine anything that survives the journey is very small and then grows in your DT. The amphipods in your DT for example, are probably not the big ones you see in the fuge.

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Skimmer before fuge. Critters are unlikely to get completely chewed up in the pump and don't last long anyway once inside the display.


Also, if you are running a fuge, skimming can take away nutrients that the macro would otherwise use. So maybe consider one or the other unless you have a massive bioload.

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