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How's about 2x24W PC for a 7.5 gal cube


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So after a long time going back and forth over lighting for my new 7.5 gal rimless cube, came across the guys at Catalina Aquariums (catalinaaquarium.com). After calling them they are willing to custom build a 12" 2x24w hood using thier 10" 24w PC bulbs.


I was thinking about running one 10K and one 420nm.


Anyone out there run a similar setup with success? I will be keeping mushrooms, GSP, sarco's, maybe monti and acans later on.


Don't see too many 12" 2x24w PC setups out there, is this too much/too little light?

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Not sure how much its going to cost you but if it were me I would go with a single PAR 30 or 38 With 60 degree optics. Last longer and no heat.

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I have the same sized tank as you and I'm running a boost par30 over mine. Not that I have anything bad to say about pc's but the intial bulb replacement cost alone was enough for me to make the descision to use the led's.

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