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Things you wish you know when you got your biocube 29g?


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I'm downgrading from a 160 Gallon tank, down to a 29g biocube in the next few weeks. I'm ONLY doing this because I don't have time to do large volumes of water changes (40G 1/month is a pita in an apartment). I used to have a 20G High, upgraded to a 75G, then upgraded to my 120+40G fuge. I've got 5+ years experience with SW fish, so its really just the equipment that I've got questions on.


So I purchased a brand new biocube 29g tank and it's associated stand. This is NOT the HQI model, but the dual 39W PC model. I do plan on upgrading the lighting to either a high LED light hood, or install a 75w MH under the hood.


I'm only planning on keeping my two clown fish, and a juvenile valentini puffer (until it grows too large, and then sell it).


What I'm curious about, is what would be any physical mods that people would suggest to do PRIOR to setting up the tank.


Id really like to hear from those that have the biocubes, and if you could answer the generic question of "If only I had known this BEFORE I setup this tank!".


Things that I have/plan on doing :


1) Removed the included bioballs (no thanks, don't need extra nitrates)

2) Cut the flow path from chamber 1 -> 2 larger to allow more flow.

3) Dremel the overflow grill to have slightly larger spacing (to reduce anything from clogging the primary overflow grill.

4) Upgrade the return pump to an MJ1200 (I have quite a few from my bigger tanks)

5) Hook up a hydro-flo circulating head to the MJ ? (not sure if I need this or not).

6) Put the heater in the middle chamber.

7) Was thinking of eventually getting the biocube UV filter, and the protein skimmer (are this at all worth it? or are the junk).



Thanks in advance,



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Look at the resource guide for biocubes. It goes over all of it. Removing the sponges, false floors and cutting the inlet divider lower is a start tho. Also get a mj 1200

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IMO- you shoulda went with the hqi if that is your goal, I was able to retro a halide/vho hood into my hood, but I bought mine used and running.


I like the clean look of the biocube.

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IMO- you shoulda went with the hqi if that is your goal, I was able to retro a halide/vho hood into my hood, but I bought mine used and running.


I like the clean look of the biocube.



I would have, but up in canada they are almost double the price for no reason. Plus I got this on sale for almost $200 off for both tank and stand.

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unless you buy a used retro kit, the money you think youre gonna save will be spent buying that halide, and it wont look as clean.


Here is a pic of my hood within a hood . . .





Looks pretty good, but if I ever get a chance to buy the open hqi hood only, Im buyin it and taking this one apart . . .

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well, luckily, I've got 10 years experience with plastics, and I've previously built 3 lighthoods, so I'm at least not coming from no knowledge point of view. But I'm actually more considering the LED retrofits, and see how that goes.


It really wasn't a point of just cash, but also the fact that my local source only had the standard version in stock, and it was going to be 1-2 months before they could get me the HQI model. I'm also one of those people that hates to buy large purchases online mainly because of shipping damages.


Thanks for the heads up though.

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I just set up my BC29 this week.... I would suggest against buying the Biocube Protein skimmer. I bought one and it isn't functioning very well (really not at all). I have seen a few people online that are somewhat happy with theirs, but 90% of everything I've read was against it. I ordered an AquaticLife mini skimmer to give a try as it seems to have a much more favorable following.


I cut away the tab between chambers 1 and 2, removed the false floor in chamber 1, removed the bioballs (ordered inTank's filter setup) and replaced the sponge in front of the pump with a small bag of carbon.


Good luck!

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