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Shrimp and bioload


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I been curios about this myself.

I do not know the answer, but ill tell you my opinion . . .


Alot of the crustaceans and snails and other "creatures" that we all like so much have very primitive life functions compared to a fish.

As such, they do not carry out everyday life functions-such as breathing, digesting, etc- in the same manner as the higher life forms.


An example of this would be a tide pool, they are usually filled with crabs and snails and shrimps and other creatures that survive in the limited levels/extreme conditions contained in the tidepools and often for extended periods of time, whereas most fish would quickly die.


So my guess would be "no".

Again, I cant say for certain and I could be completely wrong, but it makes logical sense, dont it?

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Yes because some shrimp can molt once a week.


I dont think that exo would add to bioload.

Its made of chiton, like your fingernails.

Things can eat it, but it dont really decompose.

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So you think my tiger would count as a fish in terms of bioload? I'm sure he eats as much as the goby, so I guess yes.

I still say no...

But, Im also tired of everybody arguing anything I say . . .

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