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RO/DI Setup Questions


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I'm setting up a Kent Maxxima RO/DI unit and have a few questions on the setup. I got it used so I'm replacing all the membranes and filters first. I've done a lot of research I just would appreciate if I could get some verification before I officially start the install.


1. The left is the waste and the right is the product correct?




2. When installing the flow restrictor does it lay out the way I have it pictured? The restrictor (purchased from spectrapure) goes into the waste tubing and then the tubing inserts into the elbow fitting? Does it need to be trimmed shorter?




3. Last I'm planning on using a quick coupler faucet connector. Is it as simple as hooking it up to the faucet, letting it run to produce the amount of water I need, and turning faucet off when done? I'm not sure if there is a downside to letting the system sit without running for 1-2 weeks at a time.


I'd appreciate any help or input. Thanks for your time!

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Here is a manual showing the correct line placement and instructions on how to measure the waste rartio and trim the restrictor:



Yes a faucet adapter can be as easy as snapping the RO on and off.

You want to run a membrane at least every 7 to 10 days to keep it fresh.


You should follow the correct color convention when installing 1/4" lines on a RO or RO/DI system, it makes it much easier to troubleshoot in the future. Incoming is usually black or red, treated water is blue and waste water is yellow. It makes it easy to tell if its plumbed correctly at a glance.

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