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biocube 14g stand

Cliff Z

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I searched long and hard for a stand, and the only thing I found was a custom stand at a LFS. It is actually 8" higher than the Oceanic one, and looks much better. I know the store has a few left.


Where are you located?


If you are in california, up towards the bay area, Aquarium Concepts in Dublin has them.

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I looked at Ikea when I was getting a stand for my 14g BC. I was scared of the particle board that Ikea uses collapsing if it gets wet. In the end I got the regular black BC stand and have no complaints (all my other furniture is black so it worked :happy: )

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i got one for american furniture warehouse that was way nicer then the bc14 one, i bought it and used for awhile it was 80 dollars, then i read horror stories of people using stands that werent ment for aquariums, so i got scared and bought the bc14 one, besides its uglyness it is really nice lol

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