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zoa ID


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zoanthid sp.


go buy a prada bag if you're concerned with names.


Instead of giving useless advise for no reason other than to boost your post count, how about not replying? Saves me the trouble of reading your reply. My time is valuable, stop wasting it.


I'll agree with bambams for the bottom pic and Eagle Eyes for top right.. haven't seen top left before. Very nice though, if you find out what they are, be sure to let us know!

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hey amored,


"this tank will be stocked slowly with high-quality corals. it's a small tank and i'm not going to fill it with cheaper things just to have something in there. made that mistake before, and it sucks to run out of room because you have brown palys everywhere. "


If you're concerned with "quality" and "names" why don't you purchase a prada bag. Also, what is considered a high-quality coral? The name and price tag? I see you like to list out your stock too.


It seems you are concerned with names too. Tyree and other BS. here is just a few for example.


yasha/barber goby (just say goby)

candy red pistol shrimp (just say shrimp)

3 sexy shrimp (just say shrimp)

various snails


hawkin's blue echinata ( just say echinata)

red monti cap (monti cap)

ORA purple pocillipora (pocillipora)

assorted ricordea


assorted choice zoanthids

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