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Coral Vue Hydros

just bought a aquamaxx barebones ro for $107 @ LFS


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We have just got in our first shipment of RO water systems. we have.....


1- bare bones unit for $89.99

1- 100 gpd unit with no pressure gage for $149.99

1- 100 gpd unit with a pressure gage for $174.99

1- 100 gpd RO/DI unit with a pressure gage for $189.99


These units are aqua maxx brand. This is the same type of ro systems we use for our store RO/DI system but smaller.


Found that on another site

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well the main intake fits to a garden hose, then there is like 2-3 different fittings and it looks like you have to combine the depending on the sink you wish to use it on... then there are 3 washers 2 black 1 white... Looks like I need to throw up a picture of all of the stuff and the faucet im connecting to.


just sucks cuz im trying to setup my new 55 that was the reason i decided to buy an ro filter... now it's delaying my new tank.. =/

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You may have not installed the rubber or plastic gasket that goest into the fitting that attaches to your sink. Check to see if there is one ine there.

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got it to work at my current house, but water pressure sucks so it take like 1-hr per gal.



new house is where I had trouble with getting a good connection but pretty sure you have it right about the sink gasket.


new house has bad ass water pressure tho cant wait to see how much faster it is...

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