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What's going wrong?


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About 1 or 2 months ago I took down my Tek fixture to replace one of the bulbs, I was running late for work and I left the fixture face down on my bed. I didn't think anything of it because I thought it was off, but my timer kicked on and when I got home my acrylic splash guard was almost melted and my room smelled like burnt electronics. The tank seems to run fine, but could there be any damages that I'm not seeing? Should my bulbs be replaced?

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The life of the bulbs will probably be shortened. You probably smelled th acrylic melting. If the bulbs were used, I'd just replace them. If they were new, I'd use them for six months.

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The life of the bulbs will probably be shortened. You probably smelled th acrylic melting. If the bulbs were used, I'd just replace them. If they were new, I'd use them for six months.



Just watch your tank. If you see unusual algae bloom or coral behavior replace the bulbs.

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I got the bulbs new last august I believe, I might replace them in Feb just to close any doubts I'm having.


change of subject, I had a pretty good sized ORA hawkins frag in my tank, about half-dollar size with many branches, it broke while I tried removing the ugly ORA plug, and I ended up with like 4 or 5 smaller frags. They did fine for a week or so, then all but 2 have completely died, RTN? this morning I might have saved a TINY piece from a quarter size frag, now whats left is pencil eraser size :/ I really need some help, Idk what I'm doing wrong with my tank, I do my water changes, run chemipure elite, my lighting should be sufficient, I have a k1, knano, and canister filter. I dont get it :/


It may just be the Hawkins. I bought a bunch of SPS frags from Mr. Coral - ORA Neon birdsnest, ORA Bird of Paradise, ORA Hawkins, Red Setosa, and a couple of montis, and the only one I have had real problems with in the last month I've had them was the Hawkins and it started giving me problems within a few days. I've read where some say w/ the Hawkins some dips may be a problem (I dipped in Revive and an iodine based dip also before adding), others say if parameters between the two tanks are off enough that can be a big problem for the Hawkins also, but once the Hawkins is established in the tank it becomes very hardy. Mine is still hanging on near the tips (I can see tiny polyps on the ends) but barely.

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Another considerably sized frag of Hawkins completely RTN'd overnight. 1 frag left..

yeah man i know it blows to lose frags but hawkins is a really finicky sps. I have mine and it does pretty good but nothing bothers it. I wouldn't be to worried about it...

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Half of my monti-cap is completely white, just like my hawkins. I'm thinking maybe my sexy shrimp ate it and was the culprit of my hawkins. I have seen him eating my green birds nest before...


if it could be another issue please tell me, I need help before I lose all of my sps! :(


I believe you need to look at water quality issues...I highly doubt that you sexy shrimp is eating your SPS. I don't see any water parameters posted? alk, calc, nitrate, phosphate...


Have you kept SPS successfully in the past or is this your first attempt? BTW How old is the tank?

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Your ALK is a bit on the high side but I don't believe that is necessarily your issue. Do you normally keep it that high thru dosing? SPS can be somewhat unforgiving with spikes in parameters....stability is very important with SPS. IME you can never rule out water quality/parameters/conditions with SPS.


I've never heard of sexy shrimp wiping out SPS....but I have seen odd stuff in the past. FWIW....my tank is primarily SPS. I haven't had issues with my sexies....not that that means much.

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What are your Magnesium, pH and temp levels? I would definitely get a test for phosphates.


I agree with the above post about steady parameters. I am fairly new to SPS (or I should say, new to keeping it alive) but when I researched the parameters people kept their SPS tanks at, I found that there

was a range in what levels people liked (within reason) but they were all rock steady on maintaining

those numbers.


For example, someone might like 76 degrees with Alk at 8 and another might suggest 79 degrees with an Alk at 11 but neither would ever fluctuate between the two.


What kind of canister filter do you have and what kind of maintenance do you do on it? It seems there are very few guys running SPS tanks with a canister filter.


It's hard to tell from the pic but the monti looks like it might have gotten stung by another coral. Is it near an LPS that has sweeper tentacles? They can stretch pretty far.


Sorry, not many answers just trying to help ask some of the questions I have had to ask so maybe you can find answers.

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There's got to be some kind of water quality or lighting issue going on - I just took a look at your tank thread and it's not just the SPS affected, you've got LPS and even softies showing problems right now. The fact that they are all giving you problems at the same time is a big tipoff IMO.

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ammonia - 0

nitrite - 0

nitrate - 0

ph - 8.4

alk - 8

calc - 400

salinity - 1.025

phosphates - 0.5

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