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Coral ideas please!


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I have a 28g Nano cube that is one year up and running. Things are going well but the top half of my rock is empty, I would appreciate some ideas of corals that I can add to those high rocks that are getting a lot of light.

Using stock 105w CF lighting.

FYI- current buddies in the lower part of the tank include several different colored shrooms, ricordia, hammer coral, xenia, several zoas, duncan coral, green polyps, green star polyps, neon clove polyps, candycane caul...

These are all thriving, my tank just looks 1/2 full!

I'll appreciate any suggestions.


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Go for LPS with nice movement....


get a good, unique looking Torch....spend the money and get a nice one.


Then get a nice classic frogspawn...and finally, of you have the room, plop a nice hammer in there as well.

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I like the torch and frogspawn idea.


Also you can look into some blastos and place them about half way up in the tank. An elegance coral or a galaxia would look nice too. Just remember most of these guys have large sweepers at night so make sure to give them good spacing so the other corals do not get stung.

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