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Coral Vue Hydros

Will a chalice sting SPS?


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I have a very fast growing hollywood stunner chalice that is near quite a few of my SPS. At night its tentacles get very long, and if I let it grow much longer the tentacles will be touching my SPS. Will I be ok or should i move it?

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Or you can do what I do and just snap a few peices off with your thumb once it starts to become menacingly close and grow out a few more frags and use them for lfs credit.

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As medic said they do sting. They actually pack a big sting.



I have never seen a coal that packs a sting quite as strong as a chalice NO MERCY

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yeah.. you don't want that trouble just move it some. i've the damage in a good friends tank that chalice reached out over 3 inches to get to the coral it stung...

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