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Coral Vue Hydros

Aquapod 24 Media Basket Water Level


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The basket slides into the intake grate of the tank, do you have it installed correctly? I don't really understand the question are you able to post a picture?


Water enters the basket directly from the display intake.

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My guess from owning an Aquapod is that this guys water level in those back chambers is a lot higher than in the photo on your website. My level never dropped much.....

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You can always adjust the rear water levels by removing or adding. They stabilize after this change. Also topping off is very important. You can also adjust the water level in the display to help by adding or subtracting.


The pictured linked is from a customer

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What are the dimensions for the media basket?

I have a koralia nano 240 in the back for improved flow from chamber 1 to chamber 2. Im concerned that if I have to take that off to make room for the basket it will mess up the flow.

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The filtration return pump is actually what is creating water movement in the rear chamber. The Koralia in the back of your tank is just moving water around so I can not see it being an issue.

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