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New Tank Hitchhiker!


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hey guys! just got a new nano cube 12gal and set it up four days ago ... i was looking at my rocks and found a little plant like thingy underneath a rock. i have no idea what it is... hopefully someone can help me out.


oh and i know its the wrong area but my rocks have started to turn brown on the left side of my tank... almost like a brown dust.





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What is living on the rock is a pest and the brown looking stuff is normal for a newly set up SW aquarium. Just give the tank some time and let the aquarium cycle for a couple weeks before putting any animals in there. The live rock will cycle the water for you. Don't use a fish that is cruel to the animal.

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Since the 2 posts so far haven't actually told you what you're looking at..


1. Aiptasia - Small nem, generally considered a pest if they spread. I know more than a few tanks that have 1 or 2 in them and don't have any issues.


2. Diatomes. You should already know about those from your research, though.

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Hey guys thanks for all the help... Im going to try and kill it, but i read that they aren't easy to kill. So im thinking to wait untill my cycle is over and put a peppermint shrimp and a cleanup crew. Hopefully that will take care of it.

Thanx again

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Could be a Curlicue anemone?


The marking look similar, but generally they seem to have much longer tentacles than the anemone in the pic. I'd go with some subspecies of aiptasia.

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