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correct me:


I siphoned many of flat worm out of tank - bio-29. will do this 2 days in a row.


There are some lefts on rocks/hiding.


Im planning to buy me flatworm exit.


I have chemi pure elite an extra-new.


my tank hold approx 20-22 gal SW


drop 21 flatworm, wait for flatworm dead...siphon it out, change 5 gal water, change chemi pure elite


Thats it ?


I do have shrimps, fire and cleaner, and snails...should i take it out before do this ?

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There could be an extra step at the end:


remove dead corals...


Just be carefull. Maybe have crashed their tank with this stuff or have underestimated the number of flatworms and toxine present. I would definitly take out what you want to be sure won't die.



Thats it ?
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