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What heat packs do people use to ship


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somewhere in that thread it shows you/ the heat packs they used, and they said ebay

uniheat is the brand name

Thanks. Any idea of things that can be bought at a local store (I'll check for uniheat)? I was hoping to ship tomorrow. I guess I should re=phrase my question and ask if there is any reason to not just use some off the shelf product at WalMart. I was concerned that some packs might somehow be unsafe.


I bet you've been waiting all 20 posts to roll that one out. Bravo.



^ go away you useless n00b.


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some have higher spikes and shorter life than uniheat, hand warmers usually do. sports authority will have some, they tend to get too hot when the package is in climate control and die early though...check the package for information I guess is the best you can do.

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Okay, thanks. I guess hitting up WalMart for a hand warmer is my first stop. Sports Authority is further, so that will be second choice.

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