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Mp10 or diy leds


Mp10 or DIY leds  

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  1. 1. What do i choose?

    • Mp10
    • DIY leds

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Alright guys looking for some input I am currently rocking some evolution leds which are doing a pretty sufficient job. I was temped to go to some diy leds but I was kind of thinking maybe I should invest in another vortech currently have a mp40 which everything seems pretty happy but i was thinking of picking up an mp10w es lmk your opinion thanks guys...

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my tank is a 48x24x20 i am running a mag 12 for a return and an mp40 on the opposite side. I feel my tank could use a little more flow being an mp10 then id also be able to have the different modes


as for leds i would liek something a little more controllable than the evolutions that i have. I just kind of leaning towards teh mp10 cuz i feel it would benefit my tank a little more than new leds

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