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Coralife Mini vs Current USA Satellite for 4gal nano


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Ok I'm working on a 4g nano and I want to replace the stock light. The tank is a Lagoon II or a Penn Plax WaterWorld and it does have a stock light (PL-9W 7200K) that came with the tank. I'm working on a AC70 mod right now as well. The issue is that I'm not sure what to use, if a 18W Coralife Mini Aqualight or a 18W Current USA Satellite Single Compact Fluorescent? I know the CurrentUSA has the lunar light but I'm concern about replacement bulbs since it has been discontinued (as far as I know) and so not sure what to choose. The tank right now has only some hairy mushrooms, a colt coral and a tiny Actinodiscus sp.

I'm new to SW so never had any of these lights. It seems the only difference between them is the lunar light, since they both 10,000K/460 actinics and the fact that one is going discontinue (possible not many bulb replacements available soon), they both about $50 so...please help me select!!

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get the coralife 18w(x)2 (36w total)fixture the current would be a better choice but have been dicontinued. there might be some used fixtures around, but i think the bulbs are disco too.

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