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CPR Aquafuge pump question.


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Can the pump be mounted internally (not in the tank) to draw the water out similar to HOB filters? I was thinking this may work with a little plumbing creativity. I don't want that big pump inside of my tank since there isn't a bunch of room already and a MP10 will be in the tank as well. I would still have a bunch of room in the Aquafuge for my skimmer, media and fuge section. I'd be going with the medium sized Aquafuge on a 24"w x 11.4"h tank.


Thanks for any input.

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I just found a good deal on a medium Aquafuge with the skimmer. How's the quality of the Aquafuge's built-in skimmer? Can it be swapped out for something else if needed?

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When I was looking for a skimmer and a refugium I looked at these. I couldn't find any raving reviews about them and very little information at all. Most of what I heard was neutral at best. I ended up going with the Medium Aquafuge and ran a Tunze 9002 inside it. It worked great.

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Thanks for the reply,


Yeah, I'd prefer to go with just the Aquafuge and a separate skimmer so I'm not always stuck with what's in there. I can upgrade as I want that way. The one I found is in like new condition for $60 so it's tempting.

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