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Cultivated Reef


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If you are in the market for some beautiful corals, check out Cultivated Reef. They have some gorgeous pieces and I cannot say enough about their service. Greg provided me with guidance by insuring my set up was capable of sustaining the corals I was interested in. When the corals arrived they were packed as well as they could have been with heat packs and all. Then, months after my purchase he was still eager to provide me with help, and responded to my emails within minutes whether it was 8 A.M or 8 P.M. You can't go wrong with Cultivated Reef.


Simply outstanding.

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I completely agree with the above post!! I ordered from them a few months ago and they were kind enough to arrange a shipping time and date that I would be home for. The corals I received from them were great and are thriving today. :D

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