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2 bilb or 4 bulb?


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Hello all, I am thinking about setting up a 20 gallon high nano reef as I have been without a tank for awhile. My question is I have decided to go with T5HO lighting, and don't know if I can get away with a 2 bulb system, or if I really need a 4 bulb system. I wanna keep zoas, shrooms, rics, LPS, and maybe try some easy to keep sps. The reason for my question is because I can get a nicer name brand 2 bulb fixture that probably has better reflectors for the same money as a 4 bulb cheapo fixture. I have a set amount I can spend so keep that in mind. Anxious to hear your replies. Thank you.

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If you are already thinking about SPS then you should get the 4 bulb fixture. I don't know of anyone in the hobby who hasn't made the mistake of trying to save some cash only to spend more later.


If you buy the 2-bulb fixture today I can guarantee it will be a short time before you are upgrading to a 4 bulb fixture and will end up spending more money in the end.


My 2 cents would be to save for what you really want.



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Thanks for the reply. I think I might give the four bulb Odyssea fixture a shot. There seems to be mixed feelings about that brand, but I am not big on name brands.

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I wanted to keep it under 100. I know the experiences are mixed with the odyssea fixtures, but I have heard good reviews from a local reef club memb. Can anyone tell me the differences between the Odyssea, and the FNI fixtures?

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The only thing that matters is reflectors.


Then you have convenience factors like 2 power cords, switches or built in timers. Also, built in moonlights.


If you're planning to do SPS, get a good 4 bulb setup.

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I have an FNI 4x24 Watt T5HO system, and I'm really happy with the results. And the best part is that it was only around $100.


However, there are no built-in timers, or moonlights. It has one reflector that contours around each bulb.


It does have two power cords if you want to put it on timers.


For the price, you won't beat it, and I am pleased with the quality of light.

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