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New Club/Forum in New Hampshire


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First off.. I checked with the mods first to make sure this post was allowed :)





Secondly, I want to thank you for taking the time to read through this post.



We are on a mission to decrease the impact of NH Marine Hobbyists on the wild and natural reefs. We hope, as a group, we can create a strong community of NH area reefers who are interested in taking steps to preserve our reefs. We hope to start an active local community of hobbyist who are growing corals in hopes to trade them with other hobbyists.


There are a few huge benefits to locally propagated corals.


* Captive raised corals are usually more colorful and hardier because they have adapted to living an an aquarium as they grow

* Usually Captive raised corals are less expensive, especially when figuring in shipping

* Supporting pet stores selling locally grown corals can stimulate local economy and discourage wild caught specimen collection.

* We will have less of an impact as a hobby on the wild reefs (which are struggling and disappearing in many areas of the world)

* Through Frag Swaps and Club Meetings we can educate hobbyists, and encourage others to enjoy the hobby in responsible ways.

* Through building this community we can meet many wonderful people with a common interest!


If we can create a strong enough community we can make a huge impact as NH area hobbyists. There are some area residents having great success with coral growth, even some stores who are selling a lot of locally grown corals. We should support those people and businesses rather than the ones turning a profit destroying our reefs.


We hope that our club will inspire coral fragment swap meetings (or Frag Swaps) all over the state.


We have already acquired some very generous sponsors for the club who will be donating freebies and gift certificates for us to give away via contests for our forum members. We will also have occasional free raffles and door prizes at NHFS sponsored Frag Swaps and Meetings.


We really hope to build a fun filled no drama community with a common interest in reef keeping.


We would like to invite you to visit our online discussion board at http://www.NHFragSwap.com/forum


We will also be working on a blog to promote the club and also help educate the public. this is still a work in progress but can be viewed at http://www.nhfragswap.com


Thank you again for reading this and considering joining our community.




Chris & The Rest of the Administration at NHFragSwap.com




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