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It this good enought for a FOTWLR?


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I plan on runnig Chemipure Elite, Posporus Media and Filter Floss, do you guys think this is good enought to keep a fish only tank with live rock and like abouthe 5 average size fish?



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Depends on what an "average size fish" is and what size the tank is. If it is for the 24 Aquapod in your sig., a couple of clowns and a goby or two would be my thinking. You may be able to stock more heavily if only choosing very hardy fish and doing lots of water changes. Don't forget to think about territorial requirements when choosing livestock.


My first saltwater aquarium was filtered with an air powered undergravel with 4 inches of crushed coral. It was decorated with a mixture of dead coral skeletons and very dead rock which was removed, boiled and scrubbed regularly because of the continual algae plague. Lighting consisted of a single T8 tube and water changes were frequent and large using tapwater with Instant Ocean. I kept the same damsels, clown and cuban hogfish for a couple of years. More delicate fish like the yellow longnose butterflyfish didn't make it. I then discovered the trickle filter and protein skimmer and purgatory was finished with for my fish. Live rock and halides followed a year or so later.


The point, you can be slacker with water conditons with fish only systems and hardy fish will survive as long as you keep up with water changes. If you want your fish to thrive in a healthy environment, stock less heavily like you would for a reef. You are bound to want to start adding coral in the end.

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+1 to nibor...


For a FOWLR you'll want to focus on having sufficient biological filtration and mechanical filtration. LR and filter floss should cover that pretty well.


Since fish are relatively hardy when it comes to small amounts of nutrient build-up, IMO chemical filtration such as chemipure/rowaphos etc. aren't as necessary as with a reef tank.

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so the live rock will be doing most of the filtration. And i plan on kepping pair of clowns,royal gramma and maybe a small flame angel.Also i plan on doing water changes every ten days does that sounds good?



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