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JBJ 28 New vs. Used


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I live in NJ, and have been looking for a Biocube 29 or a JBJ 28. I like the idea of putting a tunze 9002 skimmer in the tank as well as a media basket.


I have been looking for a used setup with the stand and I am seeing 150.00 - 200.00 as a price of these used systems.


Dr. Foster and Smith has the CF JBJ 28 for 299.00 plus 9.00 shipping and the HQI JBJ 28 for 314.00 plus 9.00 shipping.


I have been in doing saltwater since 1989, on and off, mostly on with a 4 year recent break. Maintenance has always been my issue, due to 75% travel schedule.


I want to start with soft corals and maybe LPS, and sometime in the future, see how things go, go to SPS. I would upgrade to a LED fixture at that time.


Should I go for the new or used tank and if I go new, should I go HQI or stick with the CF version. I am mostly concerned about heat on the HQI. I really don't want a chiller, I know I can control the lights with my Aqua controller III.


Biocube or Nanocube 29/28 are both ok.


14.00 more is not the issue, the Heat is something that might be an issue.

Also new vs. used.

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I do like the wavemaker option include with the jbj. I wasn't aware of the space in the rear. That is a consideration. One thing I do like is being able to have a skimmer as well as the bio basket on the biocube. I am thinking the biocude might be a better way to go.

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I have the 28 HQI. I have been monitoring the tempurature because I was told from some people I would need a chiller, and some others said no. Well today, my temp hit 82. So... I will probably be looking for a chiller tomorrow.

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I started my tank with the quad cf and ran that way for 7 months. It's a great tank for the money and you can grow most of the corals you would want to. I ended up upgrading my light after I decided that I was good with the time commitment to the hobby. I think based on your current travel situation, the quad cf is a good choice for you.

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