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I converted from a Tunze 9002 to an Aqua C Remora for Solana


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I figure I would give a bit on my converting from running the Tunze 9002 skimmer to an Aqua C Remora on my Solana.


The Tunze 9002 with Stevie T cup fits really nice in my Solana, so you don't see it. Very nice. In addition, since I made a mod to be able to access the airline tubing more easily, it is very easy to adjust this skimmer. That mod, was really easy and works great. This skimmer pulls in a lot of gunk.


The reason, I converted to the the Aqua C Remora ( I have a larger Aqua C Remora Pro on my larger reef tank, is that recently, when I went on a business trip for several weeks, even though I left instructions on how to adjust the skimmer, etc., my nano tank, took a dive compared to my larger reef.


The difference was the set and forget feature on the Aqua C. There is no adjustments, except to just raise and lower the skimmer cup. In addition, the drain feature is awesome.


So I converted to the Aqua C Remora. I would have loved to the nano version, but their tech support, recommended the larger version, so I do see it from the back. However, the drain feature, means, the gunk goes into a soda bottle and there are no adjustments.


I will tell you, I think I have the world's record for the unit to dial in and pull in junk. It only took one day ( my secret and common knowledge is running the unit in vinegar water for 1 day).


As I said, I have the Pro version on my larger tank and it has been a workhorse for many years.


I will mention, that if any of you find, you need to produce more skim, upgrade to the largest pump recommended by tech support and that should do the trick...

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How does it look in the back? Does it stick out?


Yep. A lot.


How I set it up, is that it drains in the back, to a 2 liter pepsi bottle, where I took off the sticker and so you don't see it from the front.

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