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Loc-line on Biocube 29... duh


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I have a loc-line Y fitting with both outflow adapters but cannot figure out how to get it to fit on the bio-cube outflow. It looks like a loc-line fitting but is just slightly the wrong size. Do I need to get a hammer, or (and I have looked) is there a fitting that will go over the 1/2 inch straight plastic pipe sticking out of the wall and then have a loc-line connector on the other side. Feeling a bit "Dim" as I have seen about a million pics of this mod but when I got home with "all" the parts... I could not get them to play well together.


Purchased, 1/2 inch Y

(6) piece flex tube (split into a single 2 piece and 4 piece from Y)

2 different flow directors, a round and a flat 1 1/2 inch.


Cant get Y to fit on aquarium... dum dum dum de da dum dum dum dum...

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I don't have a biocube. However, you might have to drill the return fitting out of the false wall and replace it with this.


Then go to the hardware store to get this.


Wait till someone else replies before doing this. There may be an easier way.


Better yet, try looking here.


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I have a Biocube29 and the Y fitting. What you have to do is take the flare nozzle off the stock piece and then sand the BC loc-line ball-looking piece. Then it takes a bit of force to get the standard Loc-line stuff that you bought on there. Be careful to not over-sand. You should only have to sand the leading edge of the BC piece.



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Bad news for those of us with water in our tanks...



the piece he is speaking about comes off. You sand it outside the tank.


I did it to my tank and worked well

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Yes, it comes off and yes with some sanding it pops right into the Loc-Line fitting. THANKS!



Note, at least in my instance, with a find grit sand paper, you would really have to work HARD to take too much material off. I ended up basically standing on it to get them together as I was sick of sanding and sanding while taking off little material. I used a 300 (ish) grit sanding pad from my orbital sander and it took a while to get it down. I think its important to focus your sanding on the lip of the BioCube fitting, if you look at the Loc-Line they have a steep taper to allow you to pop it in, the ball part of the fitting must be identical (or nearly) but the Biocube uses a blunt tip which needs to be sanded down- but only that part.




I LOVE the flow I have now, the Y adapter is awesome. I have a powerhead up on the top of the glass on the right (as you look at it) side (same side as the intake to chamber 1) positioned about 1/2 way between the front and rear wall of the tank. This way it does not suck everything up that would be otherwise entering the filter and gives me a nice surface agitation. I took the Y and pointed one end (using the small circular flow adapter to get a focused stream) right at the powerhead, so they meet at the surface and create nice turbulence which mixes down into the tank. The other end of the Y uses the stock flow (1 inch flat) directed to the front left and at the surface. Nothing seems to be getting blasted but the tank is mixing VERY well.


Pics will be much more obvious. Tonight.

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All are Loc-line- got mine from LFS. Marinedepot has them if you need internet.


1/2 inch Ball Socket Y

1/2 inch Ball socket flexible tube 6 Inch

1/2 inch ball socket round nozzle


I set mine up using the stock BioCube "flare nozzle" (in Loc-line terms) on one end and the round nozzle on the other end of the Y. I used 1 of the flexible tube pieces to make a short connection to the flare and 5 to bring the round nozzle around some rock. Note- ALthough you can take these apart- if your hands are wet forget it, they are VERY TIGHT fittings. If you do not have strong hands I would recommend getting the wrench (under the loc-line part of marinedepot) to assist in pulling them apart. I have very strong hands and trust me, my wife would never-ever-ever be able to pull these apart and I used a pliers in one instance. Using your pliers from the garage risks seriously damaging the fittings.


One other note, the Biocube "flare nozzle" is loose on the Loc-line fittings, which means that overall the Biocube uses a slightly larger fitting all around (i.e. when putting the male Biocube onto the female loc-line it needs to be sanded, other way around is slightly loose. Will probably leave well enough alone but if it shifts under flow (I am surprised its not wiggling around now) I will purchase a flare nozzle from Loc-line to replace it.


Sorry for not providing links to each one.. here is link to page with parts on it.



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