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Fauna Marin (Min F) - Coral Food Discussion


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I recently purchased a 100mL bottle of Fauna Marin (Min F) and I've been very pleased with the feeding responses from my LPS's. In the past I've used Oysterfeast, MarineSnow and Phytofeast but corlas REALLY like Min F. At the moment, I blend my own coral food comprising of Cyclop-eese, Min F, Oysterfest, Spiralina, but to be honest, the % mixture is pretty much a guessing game. I feed my 30gL tank 2x - 3x a day about 2mL of this stuff per feeding.


Directions for feeding Min F indicates a pinch several times a day for 1000mL (250gL). I have a 30gL tank, so what does that mean, should I use a dash of this stuff? At the moment I use a tiny bit scooped from the end of a spoon but I was wondering if anyone has a more scientific approach to feeding with Min F. Given the potency of this stuff, has there been any lessons learned?


Much appreciate people's feedback.

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Are you talking about the pellets from Reefkoi?

No, the ones i purchased looked like super fine sand, almost like corn starch consistency.

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