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Algae eating replacement


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I have recently lost one of my snails in my six gallon cube and I am looking for a replacement to help keep down the algae. The old snail was a cerith and I have two other snails that are astreas. Unfortunately the two astreas seemed to be more interested in eating the algae on my live rocks then eating the algae on the glass. I am also looking for an animal that is a little more interesting looking then the astrea snails. I looked into cowries but the only small one I could find on the sites that I visit is one that prefers cooler water. I have also been considering a blue tuxedo urchin, but I do not know whether they will be able to climb the glass to eat that algae and I have found three different sizes of how big they get. Does anybody here have any ideas of interesting algae eaters?

I also have an emerald crab but he mainly eats the algae off of my fake coral.

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